I was being lazy and I grabbed Vaquero from the turn out without grabbing a lead rope, something many would consider normal. It has been so long that I had forgotten how it felt to lead a horse directly by the halter. It was terrible. Kinda reminded me of two teenagers trying to learn to dance while stepping all over each others feet.

No, I didn’t get stepped on, but I might as well have! It is sooooo difficult to lead one without any distance or gap that instead of looking (and feeling) like you are moving as one it feels more like you are invading each others space.

Yes, I did keep my arm loose and I didn’t have a death grip but I could still feel all of the….well, feel…being lost between.

Have you ever gotten really comfortable with leading your horse while keeping them at a distance? If yes, have you ever gone back like I did and felt what I am talking about?