Life Law #6: There is no reality; only perception.

Strategy:Identify the filters through which you view the world.

I think I have read this one more times than the other laws as they have been taped to my mirror. Maybe that is because there is so much truth, and confusion, in the statement.

I have actually found freedom in this statement. It is easier for me to be forgiving when I realize that people are not experiencing the same exact thing…at least not in the same exact way.

I have always know this with horses. In fact the idea that they view the world through a different set of ‘filters’ is one of the attractions. Can I help to change those filters? Can I add or remove a layer until the horse sees the world in the ‘focus’ that will best help us both?

For example if his natural tendency is to fight or run…can I show him another way? And in doing so I have changed his perception, added a filter, and have reduced his overall stress in life.

I have heard it said that in your 30’s it is pretty normal to start self analyzing and I have found that to be true. I have looked at many of the ‘filters’ that I view the world through. Did your family have money or not have money when you were growing up…and how are you dealing with that now? Did your mom respond to questions in anger? Was your dad really strict…and now you have trouble disciplining? How did my Dad’s alcoholism affect me?

We all see and experience the world in our own unique and individual way and the reasons for this are many. In a discussion on this subject my husband Jesse reflected that, “I have heard some people say ‘That person doesn’t live in the real world.’ but it is darn sure real to them.”