Life Law #7: Life is managed; it is not cured.

Strategy: Learn to take charge of your life.

This law was freeing in the sense of, well, letting me know there was no exact ‘finish line’ that I am aiming for. No cure. There is some freedom in knowing that the mess of living is normal.

For some reason it also made me remember the chart here on the left. Although Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs may not be perfect it does help me to think more clearly about peoples motives. For example someone who is struggling with putting food on the table and staying ahead with the house payments will often be stressed and find that achieving things higher up the pyramid is difficult. Maybe this is why the leading cause of divorce is money fights and money problems.

How high up do you think horses can make it on this? My opinion is rung number three. It is always difficult to work with horses who are struggling with the first needs (Physiological). The second rung is the basis of most (reputable) training programs-developing the horses feeling of security and freedom of fear. Rung three seems to happen for horse when they are in a balanced herd or are with a trainer/human they respect. After that I begin to struggle. Mastery, and recognition don’t seem to be something they value.

It is interesting for me to think that maybe the horses can reach a little higher when they are with humans then in the herd. For example some horses, the top ones at least, enjoy respect and probably even some level of fulfillment within the herd. Maybe it is possible for a higher percentage of the herd to achieve a feeling of well being and respect when one one one with a human?

Anyway, the point is that life is managed…not cured. The horses in our care do not have the privilege of managing their life but are dependent on us. Strive to take charge of your life and improve those around you.