HK quote 2Are you a life long learner? I strive to be. I think I learned it from my mom who was a teacher. Inside and outside of the classroom, she always strove to improve techniques or make the lessons more memorable.

Some of you may remember I have been considering a new computer, well… I took the leap and bought a Mac. But for me that wasn’t the best part. The best part was that for $99.00 I get a year of one-to-one teaching in the Apple store! You can bet I signed up for that!

Here is the crazy thing: I was so excited about learning that I could hardly sleep the night before.

On the way to my first appointment I was talking to my Mom and she laughed, “Oh, you’ll get your moneys worth out of that!” She knows me well.

My first appointment was 5:15 pm on Monday….then I went back at 10 am on Tuesday! But I love learning. And I think it helps my riding.

Maybe it has to do with having an open mind. Maybe it has to do with ideas that cross boundaries…..learn something about running and apply it to your riding. Learn something about business and apply it to your kids. Learn something about your horses and apply it to your life.

(P.S.-this is my first blog posted from my MacAir…considering naming the computer ‘Gala’, ‘Macoun’ or slim, lol, any other ideas?