I have not been able to ride my horse in 4 years since I had my daughter. When I got on her yesterday (i am determined to get back to my riding schedual) she did good but was really stiff and spooky. I know that time and patience is the best thing, but is there anything I can do to help her to calm and stretch out better? I usually ride bareback and with just a halter and rope. I seldom actually tack her up but when I do i have both english and western, Wink prefers the western. Thanks for any help, Erin

When I am working with my horses I think about the training as putting money in the bank. ‘Money’ can be deposited in the ‘training bank’ by a horse trainer that you hire, or by purchasing a horse that has lots of training, or you can do the training yourself.

Just as hanging out with your kids may enjoyable and pleasant some times the time we spend with our horses is also just for enjoyment and pleasure. Other times when we are with our kids there is more direct teaching.

It sounds like your horse is in need of some more deposits in the training bank. Speaking from my own experiences I have found that riding bareback and/or bridleless tends to fall into the withdrawal category more often than the deposit category.