Stacy Westfall camping photo

We’re getting a motor home! #Fleetwood

This week I stayed at a campground for the first time…EVER!

My husband grew up visiting campgrounds, my kids have gone to campgrounds with grandma…but not me.

As with most of my life, my camping experience pretty much only happened because of horses. While I haven’t stayed at a campground until this trip, I have spent many nights in a tent at many horse shows. Two of my favorite memories of tent camping are:

  • My mom cooking blueberry muffins on a BBQ grill (she used a second pan to buffer the heat:)
  • waking up in the morning with the ‘ceiling’ of the tent inches from my face…and full of water! It rained all night and the tent wasn’t pulled tight…water built up on the top and sagged it all the way down almost to me…whew, close call!

As fun as those memories are though…I’m a bit more fond of my memory foam mattress these days and I never have been able to match my mom’s cooking:)

This week may have been my first ever stay at a campground…but I am confident that it will not be my last…because I am very close to joining the Fleetwood Family!

Yep, we are getting a motor home! Watch for upcoming photos and in the future some videos…and maybe some even bigger things.

Maybe a 2015 ‘Tour’ around the country? Clinic tour? Appearances? More horse shows? A trip to the Grand Canyon? All of the above?

Stacy Westfall 's first campground stay was in a cabin...but her next will be in a motor home!

Stacy Westfall ‘s first campground stay was in a cabin…but her next will be in a motor home!

Campgrounds may be new to me and this motor home will be an adventure for sure…but one thing hasn’t changed-I’m bringing the horses too!