Poor Newt. He is having nightmares about this recent incident…


Why is this horse headless?

This horse didn’t start out headless. The intention was to have the horse, complete with its head, in the garden as a decoration. So the horse was installed into the garden and life went on normally…at least for a bit.

I wish I had been there to see this next part but the story isn’t too difficult to piece together. The horses that live in the pasture that surrounds this entire section of the ranch came wandering by. Mike was out riding in the indoor and although he didn’t see the beginning of the ‘skirmish’ he did hear and see the end.

I imagine that the group of horses came walking by as usual until someone spotted ‘the new guy.’ All of the horses would have been curious but the gelding, who is the leader of the group, probably marched up and demanded attention.

Can you imagine what he was thinking when the ‘new guy’ didn’t even flick an ear in his direction? Probably insulted the gelding would have made another threat (the horse statue has some scratches on it) and still the ‘new guy’ just stood…staring off into the distance.

At some point the horses lost it and attacked the ‘new guy’ for his complete disrespect of the equine language. Mike heard the commotion but by the time he rode across the arena the herd was in flight and the ‘new guy’s head was laying on the ground.

I try to imagine the geldings reaction when the plastic horse’s head came off…I really wish I had a video of the whole thing.

The ‘headless horse’ has proven to be a great training tool. I will be interested to see if there is another ‘uprising’ when his head gets repaired and reinstalled.

In the following video you can see the headless horse garden during a SERIOUS rain shower. I am calling it a shower because it didn’t last long, maybe fifteen minutes. As far as intensity goes ‘rain blast’ might be more appropriate or maybe Texas size rain storm. Leave it to teenage boys to figure out how to make the best of it.

No need to water the garden or wash the kids this day!