Great subject, my husband.

I love photography. I have my whole life. 

In high school I won photo contests. That was back in the days before digital when you had to either really plan your shots…or spend a ton of money developing film.

During my wedding planning I budgeted more for photos than any other area.

I still have my film cameras (2), my first digital camera from 19 years ago, and my most recent mirrorless camera.

I love photography. No. I shouldn’t make it a career. 

Love, or passion, for a subject is not enough of a reason to jump in. Otherwise I should consider a career as a chocolate-taste-tester, travel writer, latte-art-critic. (By the way. I believe you could make a career out of all three of those if you really wanted to.)

So why not photography for me?

I’m a fair weather photographer. Not ‘weather’ in the sense of come rain, snow or hail…although you won’t find me shooting in that either.

I mean fair weather in the sense of when I feel like the conditions are favorable.

Maybe a better way to say it is, I haven’t gone deep.

I don’t use the manual setting on my camera. I don’t google how to improve my photos. I don’t enter small local photo contests to let someone else critique my stuff. Yes, my mom loves my photos….but if I want to improve I would need to look for outside sources a little less bias. 

Does this mean that I could never be a ‘real’ photographer. Yes and no. 

Yes, I could dedicate time, effort and energy. I can be pretty stubborn aka persistent when I want to. But…

No, I probably couldn’t. The fact that I can put my camera away for months without a thought of improving creeping into my head…it is a sign. I can choose to ignore it but it pretty clearly points to the fact that I lack the true, committed passion that creates both success and fulfills my purpose.

I do have a passion for horses. I do have a passion for business. And I do have a passion for helping people decide it they should have a career with horses, what steps to take, and how to grow their equine businesses. 

If this subject interests you, check out this page. If not, still consider finding your passion…your purpose is tied to it.

A rock with a hole in it frames my husband.

What the shot looks like from outside the rock, shot in the wrong manual settings, lol!

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