Its me again.

I remembered that I forgot to tell you my ‘real’ name last week. It is ‘Press on Regardless”. My first mom…no second…or was it third? Anyway, she gave me that name. It is hard to remember that far back. They all fed me milk though…

I like my shorter name better.     Presto!       I like magic. 

I have black spots and white spots. No one else has those. 

I’m supposed to show you a video of me when I was small. I was sick a lot when I was little so don’t laugh.

So. Embarrassing. Lets get it over with. 

 My new mom was sick when I met her. She wore this funny thing on her face…I’m glad I didn’t have to. Don’t tell her but she looked funny with it on!

That made me feel better cuz I was sick too. I got sick, almost got better, and got sick again. Thats why I didn’t run much. I think they called it ro-ta-vi-rus. I didn’t like it.

Some of you asked me questions. 

“At 15 months, if you had an hour meter on your shoulder, how much time has Mom spent developing you? Do you lead? Accept the farrier? Trust dewormer paste? Curious mind wants to know.”

She was always there when I was little. Now that I’m big she lets me play with the big horses and eat lots of grass. She takes me on trips. I jump in the trailer. Once I got scared getting out but I’m brave now. Sometimes she rides Popcorn and I follow her down the trail. Does that count? I’m fine with things in my mouth…I liked holding the wand! Farrier…I’ll have to ask Siri what that is…

“can you ask your mom if she is going to do videos of your training when you get big enough like the Jac videos? …now you are a blogger like your mom!!”

I don’t know this Jac you speak of but I’ve been thinking about making videos. I’m pretty good at training mom already. I do this thing where I roll up the wall and lay upside-down. She always comes to flip me over. I totally have her trained. Maybe I will video tape it. Will that work?  

 Lincoln wanst to play and I want to go. I’ll write again next week (mom says I have to).

The horse who lived, 

P.S.-Here is a link to the blog I wrote last week.

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