ShakenFork Horse Manure Fork

ShakenFork Horse Manure Fork
You may remember my video review of Shakenfork on ‘Small Business Saturday’ last year. I still stick with my recommendation. Every time I pick up a manure for I am upset if it isn’t this one. Our tines are still going strong and I have to admit that I am impressed with the battery life…our charger was left behind on one of our last moves and I haven’t called for a replacement yet…but it is still running!
People laugh when they see me at a show using it, then I handed to them and they use it, and then they ask where they can buy one. I won’t make any apologies for the price. It is the most expensive manure fork I have ever owned…but it is high quality. Come to think of it my favorite truck to drive was the most expensive one I bought too.
Call me lazy (yes, I do read those FB comments) but my joints ache less when I use this fork. Yes, I work out but I’m not a teenager anymore :-0
Have a hard to shop for horse person? Perfect gift. Aw, heck, your worth it too.



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May 18, 2015


  1. Janet Salyer

    Where can we purchase Shakenfork?


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