Alli F. left the following comment after yesterdays blog.

“There are some people who like to hop from clinician to clinician always looking for the perfect solution and I think all they accomplish is to end up royally confused. In the situation you describe it sounds like the gal is a thinking rider and that she was able to determine what actions to take or change and was not trying for a new “method”. So it worked for her and that is super! But for a lot of people I think they are just never satisfied so they feel the need to get multiple opinions. Which most of the time is not very helpful–just tends to complicate things.”

I agree with this idea…i think. Let me explain what I see and recommend. First, I do agree that there is a segment of the population that hops around looking for a magic ‘cure’ or a simple fix. After my first bridleless ride (link here) people joked and said I should sell magic leather gloves…it must have been the gloves that did it. (As opposed to  the hours and hours spent training, lol) There are no good quick fixes.If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn't need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around.

What I recommend is a two-fold approach. Follow someones whole program. Someone who has the end result you want. Pick someone…it doesn’t have to be me. It could be a TV clinician, a local you admire or someone who you show with. Follow that one program and study it from beginning to end. Then, also evaluate other methods. Try to figure out where they fit in with what your regular program is. Do they just explains something in a different way or are they really saying something different? I find both to be true. The real learning comes from trying to figure out how things work; whether that is a training program or a training method. The search and comparison will more fully engage you in the learning than just doing something because ‘someone’ said to.