Episode 9 & 10 were both filmed on day five of training. Stacy worked Jac six days the first week.Jac Day by Day Review Day 5

Episode 9

The most frequently asked question after this episode was, “Did you do anything else except block his bite?” The answer is yes. If only the camera had been rolling 30 seconds earlier!

What I did was a bit like a Karate move, block and strike in one fluid motion. I was carrying the stick and string so it made it easy. People might ask where I struck…anywhere I can reach inside that immediate moment. In this case it was the side of his neck with the stick and string.

I can’t wait for everyone to see Episode 12 because it talks a lot more about biting (don’t worry-it is not me he is biting)

Do you see how Stacy drives the horse with her body language? If you have difficulty lunging, have someone video you, then watch to see your body language.

Episode 10

Can you see how Jac doesn’t come forward to the pressure alone?

Would your horse pass this leading test?

Do you see the issue with using a whip, voice, etc to encourage forward motion…the idea that no one will be around to add the extra encouragement when the horse is tied to the wall?

Can you see how jogging ahead is ‘warning’ for the horse?

Have any of you tried this yet?