Episode 5 & 6 were both filmed on day three of training. Keep in mind that the total training time when Stacy Jac Day by Day Review; Day 3walks out on camera with him was 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Is it possible to train them faster? 

Yes. How? By either applying more pressure or spending longer amounts of time. I am choosing not to work him harder, I would rather go slower and let his mind and body adjust.

Is it possible for it to take longer?

Yes. Years ago I had girls that worked for me. It took them a longer amount of time to accomplish the same thing (what took me one hour took them approximate two to four hours) because they lacked the experience I have. How did I get the experience? By putting in the hours!

Is this the way you train each horse?

Yes and no. The concepts are the same but I will taylor the program to the student. Jac has worked out well for the video series because he seems to try a variety of answers….so he covers issues that a lot of horses will have.

Episode 5

Can you see that Jac looks like a different horse today? The first half of day two (Episode 3) was a temper tantrum. The tantrum didn’t work…so he isn’t likely to repeat it.

At 7:30 did you notice what Stacy pointed out about his ‘on-side’ having forward motion and his ‘off-side’ having sideways motion? Does it amaze you that horses are THIS specific!? I am.

Episode 6

Stacy mentions that Jac is ‘giving her feedback’. Do you recognize the ‘feedback’ your horses are giving you….before they are yelling?

Can you see how Jac’s responses now are indicative of his likely responses under saddle? Looking at your horse can you see areas of your groundwork that could be improved?