Episode 3 & 4 were both filmed on Day Two. Episode Three is maybe my favorite (until we get to Episode 12) Jac Day by Day Review Day 2because Jac was being a BRAT! Ok, lets just call it testy. I’m sure he found me to be testy too! Lol

 Episode 3

Have you ever had a horse act like this when first lunging? I remember when I was a teen and I read and article on lunging and went to the pasture to try it. After a few days of trying all I had succeeded in doing was teaching my mare to go half a circle….then turn in and run directly at me. I promptly stepped out of her way (mistake) and then after a few days….decided lunging wasn’t for me!

Can you see how making the wrong move (backing away when he challenges) could ‘plant a seed’ and get him charging? (that is what I did wrong as a teen with my mare)

Episode 4

Can you see a difference in Jac from the ‘on-side’ vs the ‘off-side’? Have you seen this with horses you have worked with?

Did you see the challenging steps toward Stacy that Jac makes at 1 minute 20 seconds into this episode?

Can you see the change in Jac around the 6:30 mark? It is interesting to note that while this training is excellent video…some of the ‘emotion’ is lost. It is the difference between watching a football game on TV vs watching it live. Live you can feel the emotion in the air. The switch in Jac around 6:30 was even more apparent in the change of the energy level between me and Jac….such an awesome feeling! Communication is born!

And this is only Day Two!