I had to share this because it has improved my life! This is a great way to feed round bales of hay to horses without having all the wasted hay. Before we started using it our horses would stop a bunch of hay into the ground as they attempted to find the best piece of hay. Then they would use it as bedding.

This giant feeder is made of a tarp like material and is elastic on the top. As you can see the horses munch out of the top and as the bale shrinks the bag collapses.

I was unsure of how I would feel about it when it was empty but after seeing it in use…and having my horses move it around, I am comfortable that they will not be injured on it. Nope, I’m not being paid a dime to advertise these and I actually SPENT my money and went back and bought two more! Just thought it could help someone else save money on hay too.

I bought my bale buddies here, best $99.00 I spent recently!

Painted Cowgirl Tack
29 Main Street
Greenwich, OH  44837


Tuesday – Saturday
11am to 6pm