2013 Quarter Horse Congress

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By the time I take horses to expos with me, I take for granted that everyone knows who they are. For me, I have been working with them so long that they feel like part of the family.

Take Newt for instance. I call him Nephew Newt because his mother is a full sister to Roxy. Newt was born at my house….I was the one who ripped the sac off his nose and first said hello to him. So you can see how, now that he is four, that it feels like everyone should know him because he has been with me his whole life.

Newt is the horse I was ridding when I recited the poem at the Weaver Leather Freestyle Reining in October of this year.

He is also the horse that I have brought to Equine Affaire in MA to use in most of my demos and he keeps an eye on Jac….or at least he keeps Jac entertained!

Kissin Kousins 2

Newt is actually Jac’s cousin, as their mothers were sister.