Examples of sponsored blog content.

When sponsoring a lifestyle/influencer blog it is important that the items mentioned naturally fit into the flow of the content. Why is natural so important? According to Forbes in this article, “Another interesting stat is that 47% of online consumers use ad blockers, giving brands and businesses even more reason to put their dollars behind influencers instead. Influencers are the ones holding everyone’s attention.”

Below are three examples of lifestyle/influencer blogs incorporating sponsors while doing an excellent job at keeping the flow natural. 

Click on the photos below to visit the blog and experience how the links flow with the content:

Example #1

The first shows examples of direct links placed as bullet points at the end of the blog. This is a great way to handle multiple links or web locations if needed. For example if several products are used at one time or if information on item/items is available in multiple formats such as YouTube and Amazon.

Instagram inspired shopping!

Another great way to make natural links back to a sponsor is by using Instagram images of items. A simple and elegant looking ‘shop this post’ is followed by Insta photos from the sponsoring company. When clicked the image takes you directly to a shopping page for that item.

Please note that the photos used by the lifestyle/influencer are her own photos of the items in use while the photos in the ‘shop this post’ are provided by the company.

Direct. Visual. Non invasive. Classy. 

Key to this approach is Instagram style and quality photos.

Example #2


Inline Banner

Clickable banners with a clear call to action can also be effective. Be sure that the offer in the banner is clear and matches the landing page that the banner is linked to. For example if a blog is written promoting your item, a banner may include a call to action such as, “The top 5 tips for selecting______”


Example #3

Which method is best?

The best method is the one that fits best with both the sponsors desired outcome and the customers needs. If the sponsor has a landing page with content of high value explaining something that the customer is interested in, then a well written banner ad will likely be effective.

If your have high quality photos that you believe will compel the customer to shop then and Instagram style layout may get you the results you desire. 

If the sponsor has several items featured in a single post then the choice needs to be made of where to send the customer. If your company has produced high quality videos on Youtube then directing them there may fit. If your goal is to take them to a featured sale or content then you may choose to send the customer there.  Be aware that for these links to be effective they must also have a clear call to action and benefit for the customer.

As with any marketing, testing and measuring results is needed to taylor the program to fit the audience and your desired goals. We look forward to hearing your goals and designing a program to get you the results you desire!