I was driving my kids around three days after Christmas so they could make exchanges and spend money that they had received as gifts. In the parking lot of Barnes and Noble I decided to pull over to the side of the very wide parking lot isle to wait for my son. I made sure I was not blocking and I was prepared to move forward if someone approached from behind.

A man and woman approached from the main road and prepared to turn into the isle where I was sitting. They were on the opposite side of the road with plenty of space to turn. But they were not happy with me. They pointed to me and gestured that I should move…even though I was not in their way. I smiled and waved back.

They glowered and moved on. One of my sons asked what the people were doing and I said, “They don’t like my decision to be here.” My son said, “Should you blow your horn?” I said, “No, smiling will bother them more…and make us laugh.” And we laughed.

It is amazing how much control you can have over your emotions when you decide to. This works in the barn also. Smile, laugh and have fun. Sure you can be successful but be sure that you are having fun along the way.