“Sometimes what you are most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.”

After reading all of the comments following my post, “Help name the ‘Jac’ DVD set!” I experienced another round of thoughts concerning Roxy. Your comments and suggestions were a reminder of the full circle of events leading to these videos.  It is truly amazing how much these horses become a part of our lives.

As if right on cue I received a text from Greg with a photo of Dolly’s newborn foal. Dolly is Roxy’s mom. A tangible reminder that hope is, quite literally, born each spring.

Jac’s journey was my journey also. And yours too. I haven’t forgotten the request for a blog describing how all of these horses are related…and a blog describing how Greg is part of all of this:)        My list of blog topics seems to grow daily!

I was afraid at the beginning of the journey but now, a year later, I really do feel I have been set free. May you be blessed to face a fear in your life and also find this freedom.

Roxy's half brotherDolly 2014 colt