horses reacting to vaccinesIt is spring and –sickness– is in the air! At least around here. We have been hit in the house and in the barn. A couple weeks ago two of my kids caught colds that turned nasty and recently (Easter Sunday and Monday) migrated to ear infections. I have charts and rotations of medications that would make any pharmacy proud.

In the barn my horses are also struggling. They had their ‘spring vaccinations’ yesterday and today they are feeling cruddy. They are sore and running fevers. It is clearly the vaccines because three horses were not vaccinated and they are all fine. All the vaccinated horses are running temps between 102.5-103.9.

If you haven’t taught your horse to allow his temperature to be taken easily this is your reminder to go buy a digital thermometer, a jar of Vaseline and get them trained! It is better to do the training before they are grumpy from not feeling well. Did you know that a horses ‘normal’ temperature is actually a range from 99-101? When I was in college we were required to take the horses temperature daily to establish each horses ‘normal’. To do this we would take their temperature daily for several weeks before they left the stall. It is important to take the resting temperature because exercise, stress or excitement can cause an increase.

Have your horses ever had a reaction to spring vaccines? Have you ever taken your horses temperature?