“Stacy do you let your geldings run with mares in open pasture?” Thank You, Loretta D.

Yes, my geldings and mares run together. We currently have 4 horses. In the past I have separated some because of personality issues and smaller pen sizes. I find that temperament is what I separate for not the sex and they have usually worked out to be mixed sex groups.

I love watching herd dynamics. I recently turned out Popcorn, my gelding, with my friends horses in her pasture. Her buckskin gelding always considered himself to be the keeper of the mares. This video makes me laugh because of two things, first, Popcorn never changes his motions and second, the buckskin seems to be threatening and wondering at the same time.

I think Popcorns pokerface is what kept things from escalating. Watch it again as see how Popcorn never so much as changes his chewing speed, he acts as if they don’t exist. Popcorn gets along well in groups because he isn’t a bully and he doesn’t respond to threats (like this one). At the same time Popcorn will defend himself if he is actually attacked.

The look on the buckskins face as he walks away make me laugh. He seems to be threatening and watching as he walks away but he almost seems to be thinking “I wonder if that guy believed me?”

I love watching horses together in pastures.