I had the idea of doing a colt starting video series for years but the timing never worked. It was a huge time commitment requiring set up and tear down of camera equipment, synchronizing several peoples schedules and filming in all kinds of weather conditions…and that was just on the filming side. For every hour spent in the barn preparing, filming and tearing down there were 4-5 hours spent in editing and producing the videos. I am happy to say that in the end it was all worth it, although there were times in the moment when I wanted to quit.

The reason I wanted to do it was easy to define: to show people the normal pace and steps of my training. It was important to me for people to see the ‘whole picture’ because I knew that it would help people understand the stage they were at with their horse. I truly believe that educating people so they understand horses is the best way to improve the lives of both horses and humans.

I am also thankful to Weaver Leather for coming along with me on this journey. They went out on a limb with this crazy-never-been-done-before idea of mine despite the fact that I couldn’t answer many of their questions. How long will it last? What will you cover? How many episodes will there be? As a true horse person the only answer I could give was ‘the horse will tell us’….and still they came on board with their sponsorship which made the project possible.

I especially want to thank all of you who faithfully watched and interacted with both myself and Weaver Leather on social media. Your encouragement and questions kept the project alive and inspired me by letting me know that I had reached my goal.

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