Ok, I think its funny that I just assumed that you don’t answer your own emails and wrote my last one to a third person talking about how you were going to be really hard to reach at RTTH!!! Haha!! Little did I know…but you are a real person and that is why I am a fan! Yay! I will be on the lookout for your booth, thanks for packing some Roxy models…..

This is a copy of the beginning of an email I received. It, like many others, shows that many people think I allow others to sign my name or ‘pretend’ to be me. Nope. If it is signed by me….I wrote it.

As for the emails and the blogs, etc. I am trying to do what one of my mentors, CS Lewis, did and respond to those who take the time to write. When I read that he wrote to ALL the children and people who wrote to him as the Chronicles of Narnia were published I was impressed. Now, after trying to do the same, I am even more impressed.

I wonder sometimes at the volume of email and letters and secretly (well, not secretly now) wonder if he would have kept up in this digital age. I think he would have tried. So the next time you notice a delay in a post or a comment or an email…remember that while looking at all of this personally is a noble cause…it is also a slow one! 🙂