Epsode 2

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Jac after 20 minute evaluation (Episode 1).

The first week with Jac we filmed every day because the young horses learn so fast that if I jumped from day one to day three….you would see a huge change but wonder how I got there. So instead I decided to give more footage and allow people to decide what they want to see. It may not look like much today but the ‘seeds’ I plant in Episode 1 & 2 really start to bear fruit in the future episodes.

Episode 2 is the same day as episode 1, but now I am hooked onto him. Because of that, they will feel pretty similar. Jac is bored and frustrated in the beginning of this segment and doesn’t understand that I am trying to communicate with him. You can see the change by the end of this episode and it carries forward into Episode 3 & 4.

Watch as I discuss pawing, introducing the stick and string, horse respecting a person’s body space, horse’s emotions, how long to work with a horse, when it is a good time or bad time to stop working with a horse and funky chicken dance moves!