The second day Jac decided to test ME! Standing on his hind legs, turning and leaving was one way he tried.Stacy's Video Diary: Jac-Episode 3

Later on, in this same lesson, he threatens (2:40) and I mention it. It is pretty minor but you will see it again in episode 4 where it looks more like a charge (see episode 4, at 1:20).

I cannot emphasis enough how important it is to see these ‘little’ questions that the horses ask. Just as it is easier to correct a child sooner- rather than later- the same is true when establishing a relationship with a horse.

You will hear me mention things about stallions…but I have trained many geldings and mares with the same symptoms too. It just so happens that most stallions will test in these ways and you can hear my awareness.

During this day, which is episode 3 & 4, Jac has his break through moment, so watch carefully there is a LOT happening here.