I cover four topics in this episode; turning Jac out with Popcorn, ponying, round penning with a swimming pool and introducing the Weaver Activity Ball as a training tool.

  1. I work Jac and Popcorn together to emphasize to Jac that he must listen to and respect both Popcorn and Stacy at the same time. It also helps Jac know Popcorns boundaries before I mount up to pony.Jac and Popcorn
  2. I ‘pony’ (lead Jac while mounted on Popcorn) to improve Jac’s leading and to prepare Jac for riding. Notice how reactive Jac was to my arm movements above his head. Can you see how this would help prepare the horse for a rider above them?Jac Pony
  3. Swimming Pool: Did you see how Jac was refusing to turn to his right when asked to move away from the swimming pool? It is important to recognize what has happened in the training the last few days to understand why things are happening. It would have been possible to see Jac’s ‘refusal’ to turn right (away from the pool) as a Jac being rotten…when in fact he was trying very, very hard to get to where he had been rewarded the last few days. Jac was wrong…but he was trying to please me.Jac pool
  4. Ball: The main point of any of the objects (tarp, pool, ball) is explained here. The point isn’t exactly the object…it is that I can control his body. Watch after I move the ball to the other side of the round pen. Notice how I focus on inside turns and the ability to control Jac’s body. I show how to corrects a few wrong ‘outside’ turns.Jac ball

The last one minute of this video, from 14:20 until the end, has a ton of information…watch closely because you can really see the conversation happening. In just a few more sessions you won’t be able to see the body language between us and it will look like magic….so feel free to re-watch this one!