Total training time: 15 hours

In this episode I cover two colt starting subjects that are key in my program which lead to a smooth transition from ground work to riding.

Ground driving:Stacy Westfall colt starting line driving ground work

The training that I did in Episode 16 with the rope, flipping the stirrups, prepared Jac for successful ground driving. Keep in mind that the 24’ ropes I am using (made by Weaver Leather and in my product line), once attached to the bit, should be considered reins. I keep the bridle reins tied to the saddle horn so that Jac cannot lower his head and get a front leg over the lines. I also run the ropes through the stirrups to keep them from being stepped on.

If you haven’t done ground driving before I suggest that you practice with an older horse first.

Bend and move forward:Stacy Westfall colt starting

Watch that even though I am using the dressage whip Jac doesn’t seem irritated. He even stands without moving at one point for a full 45 seconds straight while I tap persistently.

This is happening because Jac is NOT scared. Instead, Jac knows that he has time to think. If I had tapped for 15 seconds and then HIT him hard to make him move….he would have moved but it wouldn’t have allowed Jac time to think. Because Jac knows he has time to think…he becomes more confident. Confident in his own decisions and confident in me because I didn’t force him.