Total training time 23 hours

I ask and answer this question at 3:53 in video:

Question: Why would I go back and do an early exercise once I am past that phase of training?excellence

Answer: I want this horse to be as well trained as possible. I want to go back and plug up any holes; shore in any of the foundation; fill in anything that could be missing or might not good enough; if I can bring everything to a really high standard of excellence then this is going to make this horse a stronger, more solid citizen. So when I get an opportunity I go back and redo old lessons.

Here are the three ‘tests’ for Jac.

Test 1: Whipping is a test: Jac is very ‘fresh’ and still answers the test correctly

Test 2: Lunging: light, responsive…notice I didn’t lunge long. Just enough for the test, not enough to get him tired which would change his results on the next test.

Test 3: Rope around the middle