For my training program Jac is right on track. In this video he has been in training with me for almost two months. In that two months I have worked him 27 hours and 15 minutes. It is possible to train a horse faster by working them longer during each session. With a two year old this is the pace I choose.nice weather

The bigger area encourages more forward motion which is good because Jac is on the lazy side. I am doing more clucking/kissing/bumping than I ultimately want to but I allow it at this stage of the training. Keeping them mentally quite, which looks like physically lazy, it is a version of sacking one out and it makes them less reactive which is easier to ride.

I am mostly working on his steering and forward motion. He is very relaxed because I am not picking at him. My hands are smooth and quiet and he reflects this in his smooth and quiet over all look. I am using a dressage whip also and I change where the whip is used (inside or outside) depending on what needs to be reinforced.

I’m still reading him; he has a lot of natural rate-all I have to do is stop pushing him forward and he wants to stop, he is telling me about himself. He has a natural jake-brake built in. Generally this is a good sign for one wanting to slide.

Twelve days ago he had his wolf teeth pulled and teeth floated. He responded well to the dentist; look how quiet he is being with his mouth.