Total Training Time- 40 hours 30 minutes

In this video I talk about spurs, moving a horses shoulder (spiral out), improving steering and beginning to teach Jac to spin.

I began riding Jac with spurs around 30 hours of training by using a simple slip on English type nub spur. Around 40 hours of training I moved to a traditional 10 point rowel spur. Spurs have rowels because they are designed to be rolled on the horses side.

Next I review why and how I taught Jac to understand the inside rein from the first ride until now by largely avoiding the use of the outside rein during early training. Have you noticed how little I have used the outside rein?

At the 3 minute mark, I show how I introduce using the outside rein and explain why.

A week earlier, in Episode 23,  I showed the first time I asked Jac to spiral out or move his shoulder.

In this video, at 2:20, there is a great demonstration of spiral out performed by a horse with one week of practice. Spiral out is my prerequisite before I begin teaching the spin and it also leads into counter-bending.

Notice at the 5 minute mark how Jac is stretching his neck and lowering his head as a side effect of these exercises.

At the 6 minute mark I explain how I will be using my inside rein and outside leg when asking Jac to turn tighter. Tighter turns will help Jac begin to think about spinning.

Notice how the repetition of turning right, right, right, right, right, plays a part in Jac catching on to the idea of the spin.

At 8:15 I show an exercise that I use to improve both the back up and the spin.

Can you believe how much Jac has improved on the spiral out? I can’t wait to show you his next stage of spinning!