Total training time 58 hours 30 minutes

Jac gets his first shoes…hind shoes only. Many of my reiners are barefoot in the front. They have shoes in the hind because it makes it a lot easier for them to slide. Training the slide as well as performing it 3-4 times in a pattern makes shoes the friendliest thing you can do for a reining horse; it allows for less friction sliding which makes the stop easier on the horses joints, body, etc.

At  minute 2:10, I explain how I use training cycles with my horses, much like a runner would train and I describe how I can work something, like having a cold, into that cycle.

*Review of bend and counter ben

*Review of spin-LOOK at the improvement!

I am just starting to teach Jac how to slide. Watch the ratio of stops vs loping around on Jac. Jac shows a desire to stop but he doesn’t know how to hold his hind feet without catching his toe and letting his hoof roll over. He will eventually, with practice, learn how to ski along on his hind sliding shoes.