Total Training Time 78 hour 10 mins

Look at how far Jac has come with just under 80 hours of training!

I know it seems like I do this every episode but…again, I demonstrate how I warm Jac up and explain why I keep working on bending and counter bending…I want him to MASTER it.

I also demonstrate how I am beginning to ride Jac one handed, including showing how I ‘ask’ with the outside rein and then, if necessary, use the inside rein to ‘make’ it happen.

I don’t expect the horse to fully grasp neck reining under pressure at this point. I only use the neck reining lightly during warm up and I switch to riding two handed for the majority of the training.

At 4:30 I demonstrate Jac’s progression in the spin and explains what I am looking for.

At 8:38 I show how I begin to teach a horse to move his hip. Hip moving, combined with shoulder control, is the foundation for future maneuvers such as lead departures, lead changes and other advanced maneuvers.

I explain what leads are and what is considered a ‘correct’ lead. Then I show groundwork exercises and mounted exercises to begin teaching a horse to move his hips.

Remember, as always, the ‘release’ is what teaches. If you ask for the hip to move but release when the horse is backing up….he will back up on that cue instead. (Jac tries this)

Also, giving the horse time to think about what is happening will allow the horse to ‘own’ the idea.