Jac at 1 hour 50 minutes of training.Episode 7

How does a horse ask the question ‘who is in control’? We all saw Episode 3 when Jac was blatantly declaring that he was in control. In this episode, Jac is still asking the question…but in a much more subtle way.

In my experience many people miss the fact that their horses are asking these questions. If the horse asks a question and doesn’t receive a clear answer it is like the question was ignored.

Imagine a teenager asking if they could drive the car. Unanswered, many would decide that the decision must be up to them….so they take it. And the more often the teen asks and then makes their own decision while the distracted parent doesn’t notice or care….the less often they ask the question. Whats the point? They are making the decision alone anyway.

With horses, many people are unaware the question is being asked; maybe they misread the body language or maybe they are distracted. Be careful that this isn’t happening with your horse.

Your horse is allowed to ask questions. I LOVE horses asking questions! But they aren’t allowed to call the shots unless we have decided ahead of time when he can. An example of that would be a cutting horse. He is trained to cut without assistance…but also required to respond to the rider at a moments notice.

My goal with Jac is to have a willing partner, who is confident in our relationship and our boundaries. Watch as that develops.