Jac at 2 hours 20 minutes of training.

Jac just keeps asking me questions! This time he asked again, ‘who is in charge’, but he did it by biting me.

When is a ‘bite’ a ‘bite’….as soon as they consider doing it. Which means that a horse can ‘bite’ without ever opening its lips.

Are you having trouble visualizing that? If so, imagine and angry teenager who really wants to cuss at an adult, maybe a teacher, but hasn’t quite crossed that line yet. Are they cussing in their head? Yep. Does that lead them closer to cussing out loud? Yes.

By the time a horse bites it has been considering it for awhile or maybe it has been practicing it with other people or horses.

I have to earn the right to be in his space and he needs to earn the right to be in my space. When we are in the arena it is easy to keep out of each others space. There are times when our personal ‘bubbles’ of space will overlap, for example, when putting the halter on or off. Those are the areas where you must be very mindful of what is happening until the relationship is well established.

Watch and listen as explain:

Diary Episode 9

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