Jac at 1 hour 20 minutes of training. Look at the results of last weeks ‘break through’ moment! Jac is quiet, Stacy's Video Diary: Jac- Episode 5attentive and accepting the stick n string. No other training happened that you didn’t see to cause this. This happened because Jac went back to the stall and thought about the lessons.

There are so many things I talk about here including how I gather information, why I can now use the stick n string, how important MY body language is, how to keep a horse out of your space, how giving a horse a break IS the reward, and how to taylor the training program.

Interesting thought….pay attention to 7:30 and how I rewarded YESTERDAY for two different things (sideway vs forward) and see how specific JAC is about remembering that and LISTEN to my statement at 8:24.