DVD’s are a great way to continue your education. 
How do you put a value on education? The first place to start is with your local riding lesson. How much does a lesson cost in your area? The average prices around the country tend to range between $30-$90 per hour depending on the area and situation. Without a doubt the best learning environment for you and your horse is under the educated eye of an expert who can assess both you and your horse personally. I always recommend finding a local pro that you can ride with.
In addition to riding with a pro regularly, many people find that continuing their education through additional methods is  highly beneficial. Attending clinics, blogs, videos, books, monthly magazine articles, watching others have all been listed as great ways to continue learning.
The great thing about a DVD is that you can watch it again and again. I always suggest that you should watch the video normally the first time but the second time you should mute the TV. By removing the audio you will automatically change the way that you watch the interaction between the horse and the handler on the video. Then, when you are ready, you should go to the barn and implement something you learned. Then watch the DVD (or that section) again and see if you pick up any additional information after your hands on session. If possible record your session and compare it to what you see on the DVD.
If used in this method, DVD’s can easily pay for themselves many times over. Picking up even one useful tip per riding lesson makes it worth it…and the same goes for watching that DVD.