With the impending evacuation of our home for the last 14 years comes a lot of added work. The question I asked Jesse was, “How are we going to get it done? Something has to give.”

While we are still riding customers horses, like Jac, we decided that our own personal horses would need to go on the ‘back-burner’ for awhile. This move would save us about four hours of work per day.

We arrived at this number because we had three personal horses that we were riding one hour per day plus cleaning the stalls, bedding and feeding.

By pulling their shoes and moving them to run in sheds the labor of feeding and cleaning was drastically reduced and the riding was eliminated, for now. Popcorn vacation

This change has allowed us to

  • make a plan ahead of time
  • keep our sanity
  • calculate the impact of our decisions

PLAN; By planning ahead we were able to save some money on the shoeing by skipping that completely. We were also able to see how we would accomplish the packing.

SANITY; The ‘plan’ has kept us from feeling like we are slacking or behind. The decision was made instead of just running out of time, so we are being proactive. There is a huge difference.

IMPACT; Deciding ahead of time also allowed us to talk about the possible problems. The horses won’t move forward in their training. This means that, in a way, they will be behind. This will impact each horse differently but by acknowledging this ahead of time we hope to decrease the chances that we will try to ‘make up’ for the time by riding them harder when we can ride them.

The other side effect of this is that we really want to get the packing done so we can get back to riding our own horses. Who knows though, maybe some pasture play time and running around barefoot will have hidden benefits. The horses think they are on vacation….and maybe they really are.

Snowy horses