Stacy Westfall shopping at Walmart

Stacy’s shopping trip…totes and chairs take up lots of room!

While moving out of our home in January I had to admit that I had a small problem with totes. Now, eight months later, as we moved into our Fleetwood, I somehow managed to convince my husband that I needed…more TOTES! I think he might remember my previous tote obsession because he tentatively asked ‘how many’ totes I wanted. I took this as a hint and started with two…for now:)

Although I am dreaming of camping with my horses later this month (maybe for my birthday-hint-hint-husband) I am currently camping in a parking lot. Although the view might not be ideal, the idea behind it is brilliant; educate, educate, educate. Today was all about getting to know the motor home with hands on training and tonight is a lesson in camping…in the parking lot. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure how necessary this was…until I tried to flush the toilet a bit ago and almost couldn’t figure it out, lol. Thankfully I didn’t need to call in help but it is nice to know that if I needed to, I could.

I have so many questions, dreams and thoughts that involve living on the road that I actually woke up every hour last night, I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. I’m so excited about our next horse show and especially the Congress which is coming up fast. Every year I have said I wanted to trail ride more…maybe now that can happen. Maybe its time to update my website to include a form for hosting a clinic; must have RV parking and four stalls. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Tomorrow is another learning day and then we will head back to Ohio. We aren’t actually towing a trailer with the motor home…at least not yet…but we still have a horse with us!

Stacy Westfall's Fleetwood motor home with Roxy photo on it

Watch for Stacy on the road!