Hailey spin

Can Can Lena & Stacy Westfall

The expectant fans held their breath

As she quietly entered the pen

With a calm in her heart and a prayer on her lips

She proceeded to do her spins


First to the right, then to the left

Her horse most eager to please

Planted a foot and spun around

Completing the maneuver with ease


Hailey circle

Can Can Lena & Stacy Westfall circle

They came to a halt, and then loped off

With a quick squeeze of the mare’s sides

There was an elegance in every move

Perfection in every stride


The music played as they circled with speed

As if it were a dance

The rode bridleless and without a flaw

The crowd sat in a trance


Hailey slide

Can Can Lena & Stacy Westfall slide

Lead changes were done, and were right on que

She rounded the curve for the slide

She let the mare go, and then with a whoa

She finished her incredible ride


She backed while the music faded to an end

The crowd erupted in cheers

With a standing ovation and a deafening roar

They knew the competition was theirs


They waited a moment, cheers still going up

To hear the final score

They’d done their job well, still it’s hard to tell

Just what might be in store


Hailey win

Can Can Lena & Stacy Westfall win

Then came their time, it was all on the line

What would the announcer say?

He then came on, and when he was done

They were champions that day!


Here’s to the woman we’re so proud of

For doing what we knew you could do

Congratulations from all of us

God Bless! We love you!!

-written by Carli Thomas Heringer

This ride and this horse hold a special place in my heart. This was the ride that started it all for me. Can Can Lena was the horse that taught me, while I taught her, and together we figured out how to ride bridleless. I knew Carli when she was a shy young girl hiding behind her mom at church. Later she came to work for me and now she is raising a family of her own. Carli is a beautiful person and this poem means a lot to me. It was published in the NRHA Reiner after our win in 2003.