This is a great example of how dog training and horse training can be similar. At the beginning of the video when the filly first feels pressure on the rope where she SHOULD turn to the left but she tries going to the right is a great example of something I have seen when training my dogs. The filly was trying the last thing that worked-turning to the right.

Have you ever taught your dog two different commands-something like ‘sit’ and ‘roll over’? If you have you may have noticed that the one you trained first (lets say sit)  was the one that the dog kept trying to do. You may have also noticed that whatever the last thing the dog was rewarded for, lets say rolling over, they will randomly try doing at strange times. For example my dog would approach while I was doing the dishes, look at me, and then roll over….looking very impressed with herself and looking for a treat.

Horses will also try the last thing that got them a reward or a release of pressure. Have you ever released at the wrong time and noticed how quickly they learned?