Wisdom from a ketchup bottle. That’s right, make sure you read what you are eating, not just for the ingredients but for little nuggets like this one. “To do a common thing, uncommonly well, creates success. -Henry J Heinz

What do you do uncommonly well? Maybe it is at your ‘job’ or maybe not. It might be something you do at home, in your spare time, for fun or to bless others. I have seen some amazingly talented singers who don’t do it professionally but they are uncommonly good at it. And it brings them success. Maybe not direct financial success but have you ever noticed success in one area of your life tends to rub of in others?

If you don’t think you do something uncommonly well right now then what are you working on? Maybe your are not there yet but are you working on it? Maybe that means reading at least two non fiction this month, or riding your horse four times per week. Whatever it is you are working on can be common but to be uncommonly good at it you will need to work.