This video shows how Snoop is really struggling with his emotions. He is just starting to listen to my body language (facing me, backing out of my space) but he is way too emotional.

Snoop is trying to stay several steps ahead of me instead of looking to me as a leader. When frightened he is trying to guess what might work or guess what ‘bad’ thing might be coming next.

The training needs to cause him to become more quiet. He is the type of horse that typically challenges people because he seems so ‘scared’ that people back off. This rewards him for being in that emotional state and the cycle continues.

See if, by watching this video, you can begin to see how through having some control over his body I begin to have some control over his emotions. I have an ‘answer’ for each ‘question’ he asks me. When he tries to get in my space, I can back him out. When he tries to run around me, I can disengage his hip. These are the ways I can control him physically which can eventually lead to me controlling him emotionally.