In this video the ‘problem’ loading horse finally loads! And I would love to say that it was that last four minutes that did it-but it wasn’t. It was all of it. Yes, there are fourteen videos in all that I have released with Tekonsha to show how to load a horse into a trailer.

When I teamed up with Tekonsha it was to promote education for safer hauling of horse. That includes towing safety (your vehicle and trailer) as well as horse hauling safety. And I get a lot of questions about trailer loading.

The extra great news is that all that ‘ground work stuff’ that I show….comes in handy for lots of other issues. Horse won’t cross water? Use the same technique as you would to load into the trailer to send him across the water. The possiblilties are endless.

And the videographers (hired and paid for by Tekonsha) did a great job of capturing the moments where, as I point out in the writing on each blog, you can see the horses making a change. A subtle shift in their thinking that leads to advancement. All for you to watch for free on the internet. So thanks again Tekonsha and here are the last three videos!

If you just want to see the end, skip down to the last video, then maybe you will be tempted to go back and watch all 14.

Part 10 A- “What is it that you want?” Asks the horse.

It is so important to read the body language! By the time you start to refine, or finish, a horse on any subject it will go better the more smoothness and finess the handler has. Practice, practice, practice reading the body language.

Part 10 B- He is thinking about it….

Notice how he is almost pulling me to the trailer! Being able to rub him when he can no longer look at me with his eyes is a big deal. That is how I can ‘communicate’ to him that I am happy with him (by rubbing).

Part 10 C- He finally goes in!