“Hey Stacy, I was just wondering if you ever wanted to do something besides/along with training horses? If training didn’t work out what do you think you would have chosen as an alternate career path?”-Kendall

I always dreamed of working with horses. Growing up I thought the only real options in the industry were; farrier, vet, something to do with racehorses. I actually cried when I grew over five feet tall!

I was a junior in high school when a teacher asked me, “What will you do after high school?”

Jesse and Stacy Westfall

Jesse and Stacy Westfall

I responded, “I dunno, go to school for accounting or something.”

I’m not exactly sure where that answer came from, especially considering that my kids have greater math skills now then I did as a junior in high school.  Maybe it was inspired because it was my math teacher asking the question. I was good with accounting and at least I knew people could do it as a living.

That teacher asked me one of the most important questions anyone has ever asked me, “What do you want to do?”

Without hesitation I answer (full of sarcasm), “I want to ride horses but you can’t go to school for that.” (teenage eye-roll for added emphasis)

He challenged me to go look at the college book…right then. (…pre-internet moment here).

I was shocked that you COULD go to school for that. So I did.

Knowing what I know now, but removing the horses, I would teach and write. Or write and teach. I love the process of learning and teaching goes hand and hand with it.

I also love writing because in general, I get a chance to think about my subject and really study it. Blogging daily is actually hard for me because I don’t have as much time to polish everything the way I wish I could and because there are always critics.

I was so shy when I was young that it is probably a shock to people who knew me that I speak in public like I do. My point in mentioning this little fact is that I never would have guessed that I would speak in public like I do. Life is funny like that, it is strange to think about all of the options it contains.

If you read this post, leave a comment about a career you would love to do…and why you are NOT doing it.