Here are two championship freestyle runs. The first is in October 2011 Quarter Horse Congress and the second is in February 2012 at the Dixie Nationals. Watch for the differences in the intensity, then read below to see the other differences listed.

Isn’t he CUTE! That is the comment Vaquero most frequently receives.

My comment would be, “Wow, can that horse SPIN!” And the answer is ‘NO’, I cannot stay on those spins bareback!!! I thought I was going to come off in this video WITH the saddle.

Horses won’t last long in the show pen if you always ask them for everything they have. If the show pen is the place they get worked the hardest…it won’t be long before they won’t want to go there. So you should notice some differences in the second ride. First, notice I picked a longer song so I could slow things down a bit. Next notice that I loped around quite a bit before I did anything. Yes, it is a little less exciting-but it means a lot to my horse. Again notice that I stood longer between the spins and after the last one before loping off. At the end of the ride did you notice the last thing? Yep, I got off. In the arena. And lead him out. Did it take more time? Yes. Did he appreciate it? Yes.

What are you doing to preserve your horse in the show pen?