The focus of this video series is on trailer loading BUT it is soooo much more than that. For example it talks about many theories such as your horse’s bank account and reading a horses body language. It is also the last video training series Vaquero appears in.

This video series was created with Tekonsha with the hope of educating people about safe trailer hauling and training your horse to load in the trailer. Below this video is a summary of the things you SHOULD have learned or though about…if you can’t remember them being mentioned… re-watch the video!

Did you catch the ‘bank account’ idea? Can you see how building the communication can put ‘money’ in that account? Have you ever known someone who bought a horse (paying for the training the horse had) and then you saw them take constant withdrawals until the horses value had dropped?

Can you move your horses body around similar to the way I did with Vaquero? If Vaquero was average…where is your horse? When you are moving your horse around you (front end, hind end, lunging around you, etc) are you focused on reading his body language also? Is he saying he is scared, bored, lazy, mad, confused or understanding everything?

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