“Hello! I’m not sure if you’ve already addressed this at some time or another but I recently stumbled upon treeless saddles. They appeal to me mostly because I’m cheap… haha. I have three saddles and none of them fit either of my horses… would treeless be a good way to go?”- J. Rose

I don’t have any experience with treeless saddles…but not for lack of interest. I just haven’t gotten around to trying one yet. I did call my friend, Trish, at Stagecoach West to get her thoughts as she has ridden in them and her store carries them.

Have you used a treeless saddle? Did you like it or not?

Have you used a treeless saddle? Did you like it or not?

Here are things to consider:

  • How long will the saddle hold up? At some point the saddle may be resold or traded in…will it hold its value?
  • There are several types of treeless: some look like a dressed up bareback pad, others look so much like a saddle it is hard to tell it doesn’t have a tree. There are even ’flex-tree’ saddles .
  • In true treeless saddles are no bars in the saddle but the saddle still has a pommel and a cantle (front and back) which adds stability.


  • they are the ultimate lightweight saddle
  • They tend to fit well on wider, round barreled horses


  • some people question if it distributes the weight well enough
  • some people question stability of saddle-does it roll?

Some people love them, some people hate them. Trish reports that most people buying them in the store use them for barrel racing and trail riding. They are often recommended for horses that are hard to fit with a traditional saddle or traditional tree.

So…have you used one? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Anything in between? I would love to learn more. Please leave a comment below so we all can learn. Feel free to use brand names also.

P.S.-When I designed my saddle (with a tree) I chose to work with Stagecoach West because they have awesome customer service. They care about the saddle fitting your horse and are willing to stand behind what they sell. Even if you haven’t bought from them you can still call in (Phone – 1-800-648-1121) and they will gladly talk to you about saddles and saddle fit.