Vaquero is now back at Rood and Riddle ( and Monday morning he will be undergoing more testing. He has already be tested for the following:

  • Blood work clean-ruling out poisons, toxic plants, toxic bugs, bites, etc
  • Spinal tap clean-ruling out EPM (he was never treated for it as someone asked)
  • Tested for viruses-tests came back clean

The current though based on my first trip down is that the arthritis is causing a pinching of the spinal cord. This would make him a wobbler of sorts. It fits that the steroids, when they are used, reduce the swelling which reduces the symptoms. When I was down the first time his symptoms were much less severe and it was decided to start with rest for a month as he had done nothing but improve (and wasn’t nearly this bad). The next step if he didn’t get better, or if he got worse, was to perform a myelogram where they inject dye into his spinal column and then can see more clearly what is happening, if it is pinching, how much it is pinching and how much damage it has caused. (they do this test in people, anyone out there had one?

It is also the info they need to decide if he is a candidate for surgery. If they do surgery he will likely have a ‘Seattle Slew’ implant named after the famous race horse that also had the surgery.

Although some tests, like Lyme, are not back yet we will likely proceed with the myelogram to get a better picture of what is going on in the suspicious part of his neck. Please pray we get accurate results and that it is treatable.