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This is a pretty cool video clip. Do you remember that in the blog where I announced that I was going to adopt from Last Chance Corral, I also showed a photo of the ultrasound confirming that our mare was in foal? This is the same mare. 

This short video is from today’s 28 day pregnancy check. This time the vet was looking for a heartbeat…and we got one! You might have to watch the video a couple of times to see the movement. Don’t worry, at one point in the video I also circle the spot you should be focused on.

I did receive a rather angry comment after the first pregnancy photo, it read:

“Cannot believe that you are breeding mares when we are sending 150,000 horses to Mexico & Canada to be slaughtered. Most of those horses are healthy horses that just need a home and you are breeding and bringing more horses into the circle of over population? You who knows better than most what a huge problem we have in this country with over population in the horses world. I’d be ashamed to discuss it in public with those of us who know the horrors horses face when no one wants them any longer.”

I agree that there is an unwanted horse problem. I agree that more knowledge, education and homes are needed. I try to help the industry by addressing these subjects both publicly and privately. 

My husband and I also enjoy training high level performance horses. As part of that we choose to participate in breeding with the goal of improving the breed. We keep some of our horses and we sell some of our horses but people are always told to contact us if they need to sell. We are invested in these horses and often follow their ownership and career for the horses entire life even if they don’t stay with us. 

The short story is; I think I can do both. Help horses in need and improve the breed.

What are your thoughts on the subject?