Hi Stacy; I wanted to pass this on to you. You may have already seen it. I’d like your thoughts on this. It looks to me like that horse aimed for her and really intended to hurt her.- Cindy

Cindy-I had not seen this video before you posted it here. I agree with you that it looks like the horse aimed for her. However, if I were to take an educated guess about why the horse appeared to try to hurt her it would be this:

When horses are scared or emotionally worked up they rarely make good decisions. Often they are reactive and rely on instinct….sound familiar? Have you ever been emotionally worked up or scared and made a bad decision? I know I have. It is natural.

It is also the reason why I don’t want a doctor or paramedic who hasn’t been properly trained to work on me in an emergency situation. When things get scary; blood loss, emergency surgery, etc. I want someone who knows how to stay emotionally level…even under pressure.

If you read the story that goes with the video it says that, “Video footage shows Luke refusing a jump and Rosie, who had been riding bareback, slipping off and hitting the ground next to her horse. He then thrashed out his back leg, catching his owner’s face.”

My guess would be that Luke got a little bit worked up for some reason at the fence. I don’t know why but we know he refused. If you can imagine that he was emotionally ‘up’ when that happened and then was ‘surprised’ by the sudden flying object near him…then it isn’t much of a leap to see why he may have struck out at it.

Do you remember Episode 15 of Stacy’s Video Diary: Jac, when I was pulling the saddle off and letting it hit the ground? I have seen many horses kick out the same way Luke did the first few times I did the exercise; some just barely kicked the saddle, other sent it flying. With training these reactive horses can learn to think under pressure, which increases the odds of them thinking clearly in a spontaneous situation.

Do I believe the horse aimed for her? Yes. Do I think it was a decision that reflected his thoughts on his rider? No. I think he was being reactive and a terrible thing happened.